5 Hot New Technology Gadgets Of 2021

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When it comes to hot new technology gadgets you are in profit when you buy them after a few months of release. So that you can see customer reviews and eventually after a time their price falls. No matter how much you want to get a particularly hot new technology gadget. But getting it after a time is the right deal for you. 

Anyways, I brought you a list of the top 5 hot new technology gadgets of 2021 that set the internet on fire. 

5 Hot New Technology Gadgets

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

The first on the list of hot new technology gadgets of 2021 is Samsung’s foldable phone. It is a full-size touchscreen smartphone that can fold into a 4.2 compact design. These hot new technology gadgets are convenient and portable. The frame is made out of aluminum material to protect the hinge. And the back and front cover are made of the toughest glass Galaxy Z has seen so far. 

Sonos Roam Smart Speaker

While we all are already familiar with Nest Audio and Amazon, Echo their features of WiFi smart speakers. The Sonos Roam is a hybrid speaker which offers the best of both worlds. When it is connected to a high-quality WiFi network, the Sonos Roam can take advantage of better voice control and audio quality along with google assistant. 

Oculus Quest 2

Another hot new technology gadget where virtual reality is taking its time to have an ‘iPhone moment.’ But it is still among the next best hot new technology gadgets. There is no single device that is more promising than Oculus Quest 2. With this gadget, you can simply put it on your head and move freely in VR space. 

2020 Apple M1 MacBook Air

Apple’s latest edition of the MacBook is the best and among hot new technology gadgets you can buy. It will transform the whole gadget industry when it was released in 2020. These among the hot new technology gadgets not only contain faster chips than 98% of laptops. But these MacBooks also have 18 hours of battery life which will easily last for the whole day. 

Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector

When you think of a home theatre projector, you typically think that it requires an overly involved installation of a Ph.D. level knowledge. But we are in the era of Anker Nebula Solar that makes it as easy as a piece of cake. Among the hot new technology gadgets, a home projector is as big as a book, with a 120inch projection and 1080p version of your favorite Netflix show. It makes your dream of home theatre come true. 


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These are the new hot new technology gadgets of 2021 that have changed the game. Get your hands on one of these, and if you are thinking of getting any of these. I suggest you get it after a break when they release. You’ll probably get these hot new technology gadgets at a discount.

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