8 Mobile Gadgets That Make Your Phone Smarter

8 Mobile Gadgets That Make Your Phone Smarter

Got a new phone and look to get something great to go with it? Or maybe you are seeking to gift something to a mobile- family member or friend, and can’t afford to buy a new phone? No problem! There are hundreds of gadgets for mobiles.

We are listed below some cool mobile gadgets that are not just a toy and actually useful. If you don’t need to use these devices, you could always gift them to someone. Here are some best gadgets for smartphones.

8 Mobile Gadgets That Make Your Phone Smarter
8 Mobile Gadgets That Make Your Phone Smarter

Zoom Lens:

We all wish that our Smartphone cameras could master with the feature of optical zoom. This gadget offers 9 x zoom for your mobile camera at an affordable price. It does not provide a perfect result, but if you want a cooling lemon effect, then this works well.

Solar Charger:

There is no shortage of sunlight in our planet. It may be a little hard to convert your entire house into solar power, but you could charge your mobile from the power of the sun. If you use this solar charger, then you won’t have to remember to charge a backup battery.

Selfie Flashlight:

If your front camera lacks a flash and you love to take selfies, this could be the best gadget for you. It comes in low prices and affordable to all.

8 Mobile Gadgets That Make Your Phone Smarter
8 Mobile Gadgets That Make Your Phone Smarter

Most people use the mobile to listening to music, active on social networking sites, play games, and upload photos on Instagram. In order to run those things, not much-advanced intelligence required. However, the mobile is a mini-computer. You can do plenty of amazing things with the help of tech gadgets.

Hone-Mobile Gadgets:

It is a device for smartphones and iPods that helps you find your keys. The gadget is easy to set-up- you need only to attach the device with your keys and touch the find button on your phone. The machine will produce a sound and light up to indicate its position. That’s it, usable, elegant, and smart. 

Lockitron-Mobile Gadgets:

This device helps to maintain safety in your home and workplace. Lockitron is used to unlock the door with just one touch on the phone. But you are glad to know that it also notifies you when someone knocks the door.

Square Register:

The device is a revolution that changes the traditional and static transaction system. The square register allows you to accept any credit card payment anywhere and anytime.

The user signs on the phone to access the amount and avoid fraud. Moreover, it is free from any risk because the information is encrypted before the initialization of payment processing.

Geode-Mobile Gadgets:

The device can convert all your physical loyalty cards, debit cards, and other essential cards into digital information.


You can use this device to track the location of your beloved pet or a child. Get notification via text or mail when kids make a departure from the home or if they are outside the home.

To conclude, use these mobile gadgets in your day to day life and make your phones more advanced and smarter.

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