Best Virtual Reality Headsets In 2019

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using Virtual-Reality

Are you fond of virtual reality headsets? If yes then this article may help you to choose the best VR headset from 2019. VR is the technology, which takes you to another world, and you can go wherever you want, by sitting at your couch.

Nowadays, people buy virtual reality headsets to get new experience, and various companies are giving their best to impress their customers. If you want to buy a new VR headset, you have to look at which VR headset will be best for you.

Therefore, here is the list of best VR headsets introduced in 2019.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets In 2019
Best Virtual Reality Headsets In 2019

Valve Index – Best Virtual Reality Headsets

The valve index came up with a lot of new features which people were looking for. This VR headset has a crisp display, and it works fantastic on older GPU. The valve index will make you experience a larger field of view.

Moreover, it has a knuckle controller which will track the movement of your finger, which will make your gaming experience more realistic. When it comes to the speed, Vive index is much faster than HTC Vive and Vive pro.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of buying this headset are that setting up this headset is very difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, when it comes to updates, updating causes connection issues, and after the upgrade, you can face other errors which can annoy you.

However, there a lot more features like it have a higher resolution screen and best index controller.

Oculus Quest – Best Virtual Reality Headsets

The difference between valve index and oculus quest is using oculus is more comfortable. To use valve index, you need various equipment to have a better gaming experience.

On the other hand, if you do not want all the cables around you while using the VR headset, then you should look for oculus quest. This headset has a massive 1440*1600 per eye resolution OLED display. Apart from this, you can enjoy the experience of snapdragon 835 processor.

If you compare oculus with other headsets, you can see that you do not need any additional types of equipment or any different setup. Thus, you can use the Oculus mobile app to set up the device, which makes your work much more manageable.

However, you have some space under your nose, which is one of the significant disadvantages of this product. Moreover, you will not have the best battery back-up.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets In 2019
Best Virtual Reality Headsets In 2019

PlayStation VR

If you want to buy a VR headset, you need to buy a better PC, which can run your headset. It means, before buying the headset, you have to invest your money on the gaming PC.

Therefore, it creates a lot of problems, but here is the solution. It would be best if you looked for the sony’s PlayStation VR because you can operate this headset with a PS4. Moreover, this headset has a better refresh rate and one of the best head-tracking.

Furthermore, you can enjoy various PlayStation VR games, which is taking people’s attention. The problem you can face is the additional cost for buying the accessories because the accessories do not come with the headset. However, if you love gaming, then you should buy a PlayStation VR headset.

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