Car Camping Gadgets to Amp Up your Fun

car camping gadgets

Although camping is done mostly with the intention of weaning from gadgets and mobile phones, there are certain gadgets which make your camping experience a whole lot of fun and comfortable. Here is a list of some new gadgets for camping that you can consider investing in.

Portable Espresso Maker

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If you love your coffee, then you will absolutely love this portable Espresso maker that churns out delicious coffee every time. This gadget by Wacaco is the smallest, lightest and most versatile handheld espresso machine. It comes with an automatic piston that, when pressed, brews your rich, frothy and delicious espresso on the go. This gadget also does not need any compressed air, electricity or N2O cartridges. It only requires water and your favorite coffee beans.

Portable Wood Burning Campstove

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This one is a sleek, eco-friendly and handy gadget that allows you to burn wood and stay warm even while camping. The fire can be used for cooking and boiling water as well. It is one of the best camping gadgets that you can think of investing in. It converts heat from fire into electricity and hence, also allows the camper to charge their mobile phones, LED lights and such other electronics while outdoors. This one is an updated version of its previous model and it comes with 50% more power. It works on a removable 2600mAh battery and a smart LED dashboard that displays current battery status and the fan speed settings as well. It weighs 2 pounds and is also suitable for car camping. 

Ingenious Rolling Grill

A travel grill for camping should have a lot of features to be able to serve you well while your are camping out in the wild. This rolling grill is portable, easy to transport and also gives great results for BBQ dishes. It is designed for backpacking campers and is quite durable, lightweight and made from an aluminum frame. The grill has hollow modular grates that easily roll up into a compact and light cylinder that just weighs less than 1.2 pounds. It is coated with non-stick Teflon coating and provides you with healthier food. You will also find it easier to clean this device. It comes with grill guards, carry sack and a pair of size-adjustable stakes that allow you to cook conveniently over open fire.

Inflatable Solar Lantern

You need a good lantern for camping and this one is a solar-powered device that allows you to light up your camping experience. It provides more than 75 lumens of LED light when switched on Turbo mode and it can give power for 24 hours when used on Low setting. It is made with durable TPU plastic and has a waterproof design. The lantern is also shatterproof and so you need not worry about you falling and the lantern breaking. It floats on water and has a cute and compact design. You just need to twist it to close it as it comes with an adjustable hanging strap. 

These are some of the most amazing car camping gadgets.

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