Cool Car Gadgets You Can Use Now

cool car gadgets

When the summer is just around the corner and temperatures begin to rise, you may find yourself searching for cool car gadgets to get you to and from your destination in comfort. There are many different cool gadgets available to keep you cool while on the road. Some are electronic, while others offer more mechanical options to keep you cool. Which type is right for you depends on how often you plan to use your vehicle. Below you will find descriptions of several popular cool car gadgets that you should look into:

Probably one of the coolest car gizmos on the market is the Radiatoratin Cool Firefly Bluetooth Kit. This kit includes the rearview mirror, the front headlight switch control, a front bumper cover, and a front grill guard. Most of the cool car gadgets on the market are very inexpensive but still provide a decent return on investment by keeping your engine cool. Also, there are times when you drive over a bump on the road and come to a complete stop, only to get cooled off by the radiator.

Cool Car Gadgets

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Another cool car gadget worth looking into is the Smart Air Seals. These air seals are made of a silicone material that allows for a tight seal on your tires without having to sacrifice air pressure or leakages. These air seals allow your tires to have optimal performance as they work with your engine to suck up the cool air and lower temperatures. The Smart Air Seal uses a sensor to detect your temperature so it can release cool air accordingly. In addition, these nifty little gadgets can charge your electric devices including cell phones, laptops, and tablets.

If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you do not have an air conditioning system in place, a portable battery charger using the Smart Battery Connector (SBC) can prove to be quite useful. Most people tend to get caught up in the need to keep their gadgets charged and running all the time. That is why it can be so important to use an auto battery charger that is smart and does not run up your bills. The SBC uses Bluetooth technology to detect the type of battery you have connected to your phone. Once the correct battery is detected, the phone will connect to the SBC to charge.

Many smart devices are now designed to work wirelessly with your car GPS navigation system or another Bluetooth-enabled device. One of these gadgets that have caught our attention is the Backseat Bulldog Bladder Cushion. This cushion is designed to conform to your back, thus eliminating the bulging look in the backseat. When installed in your SUV or truck, this handy gizmo will help prevent rearview mirror glare and accidents due to unintended visibility.

A Much Ado

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If you want to make sure your children remain safe in the cars, you can introduce them to the world of the cool car gadgets you can buy now. Among these items are the USB-C Pd car charger and Universal Car Charger. A USB-C PD car charger has the capacity to charge most gadgets including cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, MP3 players, and even laptops. A universal charger can connect to most devices and plug into any type of wall outlet in order to provide fast charges for your laptop or another mobile device. These two chargers are a great way to avoid sudden power loss when using your computer or when traveling long distances.

Another one on our list of the coolest car chargers you can buy today is the Universal Smart Dash Cam. This handy device gives you high-definition video and audio quality when connected to your vehicle’s camera via a USB cable. With the camera connected to the car charger, you can easily take high-quality videos or photos of your travels, which you can use as backdrops for your social media pages or upload to your YouTube account.

Bottom Line

Last but not least is the iCarroll Self-Driving Wheel Desk. This smart car gadget makes it possible for you to roll the wheel of your vehicle manually. It is a very convenient self-working wheel desk that comes with an alarm clock, calculator, and flashlight so that you won’t get stuck in between traffic or accidents while traveling.

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