Cool Gadgets Build And Other Ideas You Should Purchase Now

cool gadgets build

You can actually make some really cool and functional gadgets all by yourself at home for just a few pennies. Off the rack gadgets are simple and reliable but if you are looking for something adventurous and fun, DIY projects are for you. Not only can you save money but also gain a better understanding of electronics and grasp new skills. To steer you in the right direction, here are some DIY gadget projects.

Cool Gadgets Build – DIY Pop Socket

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Who can ever have enough of the cute and functional phone accessories? Pop sockets are the cutest little innovation, they enhance your phone and are functional. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make one all by yourself?

All you need to do is –

Cut off the top of a plastic bottle using scissors but be careful! Scissors are sharp and you don’t want to hurt yourself! It is advisable to do it under parental guidance.

You can do some art of your choice or print some cool designs off the internet, making sure the size is same as the bottle top. Cut your design with scissors.

Use a glue gun to stick your design to the top of the plastic bottle top.

Voila! You now you have a cute little pop socket for your phone!

Cool Gadgets Build – DIY No-Electricity Phone Speaker

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A phone speaker would be great for blasting some music while you’re completing some daily chores or when you’ve got a small party at home. How about a phone speaker that is made by you and uses no electricity at all?

All you need to do is –

Measure how large phone or device is and cut out the measurements in the middle of the paper towel road.

Now measure how big the ends of the paper towel roll are.

Keeping the measurements in mind, cut out a circle on the bottom left of one cup and bottom right of another cup.

Place the cups on the side of the paper towel roll and place your device or phone into the cutout we made earlier.

You can design your speaker, or you can keep it as it is, all depends on you.

Cool Gadgets Build – DIY Home Heater

Staying warm and cozy during the winter season is one of the main concerns. A lot of funds are spent on the heating systems every year. However, you can literally heat your house by building your very own DIY heater with little power if you’re clever and creative enough. One of the best homemade heating systems for a medium sized space is a DIY ceramic heater.

All you need to do is –

Put the candles on the plate and place two bricks next to the plate.

Put the ceramic bowl on the top of the plate by placing its edge on the bricks.

Place two to three bricks behind the ceramic bowl and place a fan on top of those bricks.

Now light the candles and turn on the fan.

You are all set to enjoy the warmth all over the room.


DIY gadgets don’t sound like a need, but in fact, they are pretty cool and convenient to have. In today’s generation, with equipment cheaper than ever and a lot of videos out there, almost everyone can create fun DIY gadgets at home.

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