Every Game Lover Should Try These Games On the Really Cool Gadgets- PS5

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There are games for your really cool gadgets, PS5 that suit every type of gamer out there, and here’s a list that’ll help players to find the best free game for PS5 of their desire. Got yourself a brand new PS5 and was wondering what to play? Don’t worry as this article will help you find the best games of your interest and that too for absolutely free. 


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Would you like to play giant monster hunt with your friends? This game is the best free-to-play hunting game. Dauntless has no story to it, and the game plays are much less complex than any other hunting game. You can hunt down giant monsters along with your friends, extract materials with their help, and can turn those materials into new weapons which will help you and your friends to hunt down even bigger threats causing Behemoths. 

Behemoths are the name of the monsters in Dauntless. The game is distributed by Epic Games and was initially released in 2018 with its beta version, and was fully released in September 2019.


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This game consists of Ninjas who are situated in outer space. Warframe is a multiplayer third-person action shooter game that is free to play. The game was released in March 2013 and was first introduced for Windows, later in November 2013, it started coming for PS4. This epic game is very popular among the players and has amazing graphics. 

The game consists of features such as the player has to search for blueprints, armor, materials, weapons, etc, which makes it an interesting adventure to be on. The player’s features like sliding, flipping, running, dashing, and flying make it even more interesting and thrilling to play. In the game, the player controls the member of the Tenno which is a race of ancient warriors. The storyline and its story-specific mission make it even more adventurous to play.

Fantasy Strike

In the world of fantasy and martial arts, this game is loved heartily among the players. The diverse range of characters using wind, ghosts, fire, gambling, weapons, and even paint makes it even more cool and exciting to play. Fantasy Strike is an easy to play and fun game that consists of strategic fighting mechanics leading the player to use combo punches and kicks. 


One of the most played games after PUBG, Fortnite stands on the first in our list of best free games for really cool gadgets- PS5. Fortnite gained crazy popularity after its release back in 2017. The game literally changed the entire gaming culture and secured more than six million downloads worldwide.


Playstation 5 console also allows publishers to give an opportunity to the players to upgrade their PS4 games to digital PS5 games by upgrading their disc. Get your hands on really cool gadgets- PS5, try these games.

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