New Tech Gadgets In 2019

New Tech Gadgets In 2019

2019 was the year where we saw a lot of new tech gadgets that have made our life more comfortable. We cannot forget the introduction of the folded smartphone by Samsung. After that, Motorola made a comeback by launching Razr.

Moreover, Apple came up with one of their best years. Firstly iPhone 11which took everyone’s attention due to its Dorito shaped camera. No one can ignore one of the best gadget air pods pro, which might be one of the best gadgets which changed people’s lifestyle.

Therefore, 2019 was the year of a lot of upgradations, whether it is in gaming, mobile phones, earphones, or television, we have seen a lot of companies giving their best products. If you are also willing to know more about new tech gadgets of 2019, then check out below.

New Tech Gadgets In 2019
New Tech Gadgets In 2019

Airpods Pro; New Tech Gadget

Apple came up with its Airpods series in the year 2016. They introduced Airpods, which a lot of people loved, but it was not up to the mark. There were a lot of other options available which had noise cancellation and other features.

Hence, this year Apple came back with a great weapon named as Airpods pro. It took a lot of love from people, it has a better design, sound quality, and you can listen to songs anywhere without any disturbance.

But was there anything new in it? Of course, it has three different sizes, which ensure that you can get the best fit, and enjoy the sound.

New Tech Gadget – Nintendo Switch Lite

If you look behind 2019, we can see a lot of gaming gadgets. However, in the last ten years, we can see people are going crazy for gaming, whether it plays station, online gaming or anything related to games.

Hence, in the race of gadgets, the new star came up named as Nintendo switch lite. This Nintendo Switch is portable, and you can play anywhere, even in your office.

Moreover, this switch has a long battery life and various colours which is seeking people’s attention. The screen has become smaller to 5.5 inches, but from outside, it same as older Nintendo switch, and people loves it.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

In 2019 apple made history by introducing three-camera at the back, and people went crazy for it. Therefore, many vloggers bought this phone, and they were able to make excellent vlogs from this phone.

But iPhone 11 pro max was only famous for its camera? Not at all, Apple came up with a new feature of night mode.

Moreover, Apple has improved a lot with its battery back-up and came up with the best battery backup in smartphones.

New Tech Gadgets In 2019
New Tech Gadgets In 2019

Sonos Move

In 2019 a lot of new music records came up and to listen to these songs a new tech gadget was introduced called Sonos move. Sonos gained their popularity due to best home entertainment speaker, but they needed upgradations because it was the year of upgrades.

Hence, that is what Sonos did, they came up with a portable speaker, and it did not disappoint us with its brilliant sound quality. Therefore you can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, to stream music and enjoy.  

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