Police Car Gadgets Isn’t Just For The Squeaky Wheeled

police car gadgets

A police car navigation system can keep you from getting lost or to provide information about all the roads you need to travel along.

A great navigation system will allow you to find the nearest restaurant, gas station, store, or any other business easily and quickly. You can also get real time traffic information about your area so you can avoid rush hour traffic and know when it’s best to go out for a break. There are also voice activated police car options that will allow you to speak if you get stuck or have other questions. This is an excellent feature when you’re stranded in a strange area and don’t have a lot of roadside assistance on your side.

A Navigation System

If you have a vehicle that already has a navigation system installed then you can buy one of the upgrade kits that come with the original unit. The upgrade kits usually add new capabilities and functions to the existing unit. The police car gadgets and sirens that come with the upgraded units are often more sophisticated and hard to fool than the originals. Some of these new units are even capable of switching from siren to sound when the vehicle moves. This is a very useful addition that makes all the difference when you are stuck in traffic.

One police department is actually spending over $1 million dollars on each new police car unit. This is because they want to ensure that all their vehicles are properly equipped to help police if they are needed. In order to be able to comply with this requirement each year they must test all of their new gadgets. They must also check all of their existing equipment to make sure that it still works correctly. Most departments have new police car sirens that are absolutely amazing and really add to the appearance of the cars. They look like real police lights.

LED Lights

A car driving down a dirt road

One department is now trying to develop new police car gadgets that will replace all the current lights with something more advanced. Right now they are looking at LED lights as an option. The LED lights have proven to be much safer than the traditional incandescent lights. Plus, they do not have to be replaced as often as incandescent lights do. This means that you might be able to save some money over the long run by using LED lights instead of the usual car lights.

Another police car accessory that is making the rounds is a siren that is used to call attention to people in danger. The siren is placed in a car, usually on the passenger side, but it can also be located in other locations if need be. The siren lets people know that there is an emergency and they should get out of the situation.

The Siren

In the past the siren might just blast a loud noise and the car would begin to move into reverse, but technology is constantly advancing and these days you can get a siren that sounds like a real police car siren with a high decibel level. You can also get this kind of gadget in any color you want.

Police car gadgets are not just for emergency situations anymore either. New technology is being developed for cars to assist drivers while they are driving in the city. Many cars come equipped with a device that will shut off the headlights if the driver is speeding. It will also cut off the interior windows if the car is parked in a place that has too many bright lights.


Of course, not all police car gadgets are useful. Some of them are strictly for show and really don’t do anything for safety or the security of the driver or passengers in the car. You can find all sorts of flashy gadgets that make the cars look good and attract people’s attention, but these gadgets do not really perform any better than a flashlight. So, when you’re shopping for a new police car security gadget be sure to keep your eyes open for good deals. You’ll probably be surprised what you can find if you’re willing to shop around.

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