Some Ideal Car Technology Gadgets Of 2021 - Some Ideal Car Technology Gadgets Of 2021 -

Some Ideal Car Technology Gadgets Of 2021

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Some Ideal Car Technology Gadgets Of 2021

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Cars have developed a lot over the years, going from just buggy to high powered machines. Many people like to add in upgrades like leather, fancier stereo, heated seats, and many other options when purchasing a car. But I think most of us wish we could have the same upgrades that James Bond has in his stealthy cars. With the advances of technology and the types of technology used in cars today, cruising like James Bond may not be as far fetched. Whether you are driving a motor fresh off the line or have a much older motor transport that could do with some sprucing up, there are vast ranges of gadgets out there that can help make your car feel more modern or add some fantastic features you might need. Well, here we discuss perfect car technology gadgets.

Alexa-Enabled Roav VIVA Car Charger

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You may bring Amazon’s intelligent voice service into your car with Anker’s Roav VIVA. However, the first Alexa-enabled car charger, this dual-port USB device plugs into your cigarette lighter, juicing your staff while also allowing access to over 25,000 Alexa skills. Apart from voice-controlled navigation, hands-free calling, and music streaming, it also provides you with the opportunity to control smart devices in your home remotely.

Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker

Are you a coffee lover? The internet is full of exciting accessories for coffee lovers on the go, but when it comes to road journeys, few of them can compete with Handpresso Auto. The gadget is designed for car use. However, this coffee maker plugs into the cigarette lighter, delivering a perfect barista-quality espresso in just two minutes. Basically, the coffee maker is compact enough to fit in the cup holder and works with ESE pods and ground coffee.

Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

With ZUS, Nonda’s latest in-car technology gadget, you can track the car tire pressure in real-time from your mobile phone. Apart from that, the smart tire safety monitor identifies slow leaks before it’s too late, thanks to its innovative AccuTemp Algorithm. However, it also comes with an anti-theft locking system and a built-in USB port for charging other devices.

Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector

With its intelligent features and excellent long-range detection ability, Escort iX is a trustworthy companion for travellers who are often on the road. However, the product is one of the most technologically advanced radar detectors on the market, and – if you have a lead foot – your best bet for avoiding annoying speeding tickets on the highway.

Inflatable Car Bed

If you love to go camping and all, then you may add extra comfort to your extended car journeys with Luno Air Mattress. The product is suitable for over 1,800 vehicle types; this inflatable bed lets you turn your automobile’s rear seat into a plush bed on camping trips or whenever you feel tired. The package also includes two base extenders, a repair patch, a 12V air pump, and a carrying case. These are some of the latest and trending car technology gadgets that you may apply in your car.

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