Top 5 Unique Gadgets For Guys They’re Crazy About

unique gadgets for guys

Whether the guy is a hardcore outdoor moving one or a typical introvert home staying one, there are some of the other gadgets for him that he drools upon. There are an immense number of Cool and Unique Gadgets for Guys that they look upon while on an off-road adventure, trekking while doing some innovative projects, working, or even setting up a wonderful movie and gaming experience at home by making their home theatre as high-tech as possible.

List Of Unique Gadgets For Guys

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UA HOVR Sonic Connected Running Shoes

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Every guy is a fitness freak these days. For the ones who are outdoor lovers and love tracking their fitness while focusing on their goals, these extra unique Shoes are a must-go for them.

This cool connected version of the uber-light HOVR Sonic shoes syncs with UA’s exclusive MapMyRun app, which analyzes and stores virtually every running metric. These shoes also come along with a removable sock liner, which lets you customize your desired fit.

Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning Battery Cable

Everyone loves traveling a lot. And if the guy is a travel freak as well, he always needs a cable to keep all his electronic devices, including phones and laptops, all-time charged. There is one awesome offering from Nomad which would rip away the typical style.

This Nomad Ultra Rugged Lightning Battery Cable is almost 5 feet long, has its own built-in 2350 mAh battery, which is enough to charge an iPhone 7, Reinforced RF shielding that promotes fast data sync, A ballistic nylon exterior, a Kevlar core, and much more.

UE Megaboom 3

One of the amazing and Unique Bluetooth Speakers available today is the Ultimate Ears Megaboom Series 3, which is considered to be the best on the list of most Unique Gadgets for Guys, as it completely focuses on sound and durability doing the best job than all the other Bluetooth speakers, who are more into gimmicks like flashy LED lights and weird add ons.

The UE Megaboom 3 is all equipped with a bass-heavy 360 degrees sound and a long 20 hours battery life. The EQ could be customized through the app, and it could be paired with other Megaboom speakers for a better music experience.

Its coolest feature is that it is waterproof and moreover floats on water.

Spy Ace EC

If you’re one guy who is crazy for adventures and looks out for hiking, riding, trekking, or skiing, then this gadget is for you. The Spy Ace Ec is three lenses in one goggle. It has a side button, which is when hit, sends an electronic pulse into the lens, triggering a sudden change in color. If it’s sunny around at the top but a bit shady in the below or low line areas, the Spy Ace EC enables you to change your goggles without slowing down, and thus you can keep on changing them by just hitting the button. Isn’t this really cool?

AAXA P300 Neo Smart Projector

For the guys who love staying at home, this Smart Projector is one big screen TV that can easily fit in their backpacks. For a daily gaming experience or even a beautiful movie viewing afternoon in broad daylight, its bright image of approx 400 lumens and crisp colors delivers a perfect picture.

This Smart Projector has an Android operating system that can be connected with wifi as well. Thus it can stream movies and videos wirelessly without the need for a computer or laptop. It has a speaker connected to it, but for a better experience, you may attach your headphones or even AirPods.


Though there are a huge number of Hi-tech and super-advanced gadgets in the market, we have aimed just to feature the top five Unique Gadgets for Guys, which could be the best buy for them or else could be a great gift for them.

The best tech buys are the ones that are mentioned above in the article naming all the coolest hi-tech gizmos and gadgets. So go and grab yours!

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