Ultimate Guide on How to Save Money With Your Sci-Fi Car Gadgets

A truck driving down a dirt road

As of this writing there are a number of futuristic car gadgets on the market and I’m sure that many of you will agree with me when I say that they are pretty cool. One of the most popular items is the Google Maps Application that integrates a GPS tracker into your car. You can program it so that when you enter somewhere that you want to go your car tracker will track your progress and display where you are in real time. This is a cool invention, but I think we can do better than that in this day and age.

Air Purifier Laptop Charging Unit

A car parked in a parking lot

Another great futuristic car gadgets on the market is the air purifier laptop charging unit. This unit not only purifies the air when you are driving but it also has an internal battery that will power the air purifier when you need it. It also has two USB ports and one headphone port that you can use to listen to music as you drive. That’s about all the power it needs and that is pretty awesome!

A couple other great futuristic car gadgets on the market are the Google Earth Application and the HP iPAQ Pocket GPS Locator. The Google Earth Application uses the Google Earth Application to help you navigate and get directions to wherever you need to go. It shows you where your destination is, the nearest hotels, restaurants, gas stations and more. The iPAQ Pocket GPS Locator will allow you to enter some basic information such as your address or what kind of car you drive and then it will connect to the internet so that you can find out more information. This is another great car gadget that will come in handy when you travel.

The HP iPAQ Fuel Planning GPS Locator

A car parked on the side of a dirt field

One car is that is not too far behind in technology is the HP iPAQ Fuel Planning GPS Locator. This amazing little device is small enough to fit in your pocket and has a powerful processor that will allow you to map out your route for the day and make sure that you have the exact locations you want to reach every single time. You can also find out how long it will take to reach your destination and the best route to take to get there.

The HP iPAQ Hybrid Car GPS 

If you are looking for another great car gadget, then the HP iPAQ Hybrid Car GPS is definitely a gadget you are going to want to consider purchasing. This nifty little car gadget allows you to add an iPAQ credit card to it so that you can purchase tickets online. Then all you do is enter your credit card information once and it will automatically deduct the amount from your car’s battery as you drive. Another super useful feature of this car gadget is that you can plug it into your car cigarette lighter to charge it while you drive. There are even models available that are waterproof and have solar power so they don’t run out of electricity if you accidentally get stuck in the middle of nowhere.


For those who are into playing racing games, the steering wheel control allows you to maneuver your futuristic car as deftly as possible. There are also other great features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control, crash avoidance, and even electronic speed bumps to keep you safe in every possible way. Other futuristic car gadgets on the market include air bags and seatbelts. All of these help keep your passengers safe and comfortable and to keep your car functioning at its full capacity.

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