Unique Gardening Gadgets to Enhance your Gardening Experience

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Who said geeks have to be behind a computer screen? Because all of us green fingered types know only too well that we love nothing better than a good garden gadget. In fact we have our own little garden gadget geek world! So here’s our top 19 cool garden gadgets to get you all hot under the collar this summer!

1. Inflatable outdoor movie screens

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Love the outdoors? Well don’t waste a moment inside but still catch your favourite films with this giant inflatable screen. They come in all sorts of sizes.

2. Big Foot pushover slippers

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Brilliant for that sneaky cup of tea, these over-your-boot slippers mean you don’t have to take off your boots if you just want to pop indoors quickly. You won’t get your nice clean patio covered in mud from your boots either.

3. Inflatable sun lounger

While you’re thinking of lying down, why not get really comfy wherever you go with a super lightweight, portable and inflatable sun lounger. Just relax and enjoy, that’s what summer’s about after all, isn’t it?

4. The water carrying bag that fits in your wheelbarrow

Make life that little bit easier this summer if you need to store and transport water. This bag fits in your wheelbarrow and has a spout and cap so watering doesn’t have to be back breaking.

5. Spider catcher

Not keen on our eight legged friends? You’ll love this super easy spider catcher which allows you to grab them without getting too close. Keep one indoors as well and you’ll never need an upturned glass again.

6. Solar powered dummy CCTV camera

If you’re not a fan of big brother watching over us or haven’t got the time or budget for full CCTV, why not opt for this dummy. Because it’s solar powered a red light comes on at night so it looks realistic but there’s no wiring or complicated installation.

7. Luxury window bird feeder

Get up close and personal with the birds with a luxury bird feeder which you can attach to a window. With room for feed, water and seeds balls, birds love it and you can enjoy seeing them really close up. Perfect for the lazy twitcher who wants to stay at home.

8. A barbecue in a bag

This one’s for the passionate barbecuer! A barbecue that saves space, is portable and even comes with a cooler! So whatever you get up to this summer and wherever you get up to it, you’ll have hot sausages but cool drinks to order!

9. Lego planter

Love Lego? Minecraft mad? You’ll love the Lego planters and however large or small your garden or green space, you can bring a bit of the outdoors in.

10. Make watering easy with Oya

Perfect for the lazy garden, you bury these terracotta shaped vases in amongst your plants and fill them with water! The self-watering Oyas do the watering for you and all underneath the surface too! And you? Well put your feet up for a change!

11. Air-Pots

For the more serious gardener, Air-Pots are an exciting new way of getting more from your plants, whether that’s blooms, fruit or veggies. With hundreds of little holes around the pot, they encourage healthier, more productive roots. That can only be good news.

12. Husqvarna Automower

It’s cool, it’s cute, but it’s costly. This little automatic mower will be busy about your lawn while you enjoy the view. This robot friend who starts at £1,000 can manage all weather and tricky terrain. He’s smart too and frees up your time for whatever you fancy!

All these gadgets are perfect for gardening!

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